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Ole Wanscher 1903 – 1985


Ole Wanscher was the heir to Kaare Klint’s professor’s chair from 1955-73.
He has written numerous articles and published many books concerning the history of furniture design and the characteristics of different types of furniture.
Ole Wanscher could, as Bent Salicath phrased it, be called the philologist of furniture design. His chair types have an almost grammatically distinct construction and show appreciation of the linguistic expression in proportioning. It is this distict linguistic sense he practices in his furniture and to a great degree in the deliberate modulations expressed in his designs.

A great part of Professor Ole Wanscher’s production was handled by Master Carpenter A.J. Iversen, who, throughout many years, employed Ole Wanscher as designer in his shop. The more industrialized production was handled by P. Jeppesen’s Furniture Factory.

Regarding his furniture style, it is said “that his furniture could just as well have been designed 200 years ago as yesterday”. It is classic and modern at the same time. It is a sophisticated design and is strongly influenced by English furniture design. It always has an elegant design immediately inviting good seating manners, but after a closer trial often proves to satisfy the era’s more relaxed seating manner.

The chairs were usually constructed in Brazilian rosewood or mahogany with leather - or horsehair covering.